And who are you, again?

Hello friends!  My name is Elise, but please, call me Lili.  I am a freelance graphic designer and
illustrator living in Washington DC.  I feel designing it is a perfect supplement to my schedule as a full time mom and wife. And I love doing it!  I can’t let one day pass me by without creating some kind of art.

For the past few years I have also been teaching art lessons, both classical and digital. I am constantly amazed how creatively minded children are, and equally impressed how easily they adapt to digital art. I have been drawing as early as I can remember, learning to draw by watching my older brother Drew scribble on the margins of church programs and doodle Disney characters in his sketch books.  I thought what he was able to do was pretty much pure magic, and I wanted in on the secret.  He always pushed me to carry a sketchbook of my own and always learn from my mistakes.  Even today, we still enjoy sharing sketches and drawing together.
My partner in both marriage and passion for design is my husband Jeff. We keep busy with our 5 year old daughter Penny and our newest addition, little Link.We enjoy tapping into the endless resource of delicious and unique dining in Washington DC. We love traveling, most recently taking a 8 day cruise around the Mediterranean. When we aren’t traveling the world, we enjoy quiet evenings at home watching our favorite TV shows or playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii.

I’m happy to answer any questions or inquiries you have regarding my services. Just give me a shout out via email