Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Super Simple Singing Time

As I don't have much time during the day with my freelance illustration work and 2 kids, most of my singing time prep is either done in the morning before church or in little moments through out my week. Which is why I love to keep is so simple and focus on the singing.  I have LOVED all the ideas shared on the LDS Primary Chorister FB group, there are some great things in there that I have sourced. But as I am an artist, I will find anyway to incorporate drawing/whiteboards into singing time.

Whith that said, this past Sunday we had a very successful singing time with my Senior primary with this very simple activity shown below.

I had them draw a marker out and the color dictated what they should do.
red: erase a word
blue: underline a word/phrase to hum
green: replace a word with a drawing
orange: underline a phrase to sing with your eyes closed
brown: come up with a sign for a word
purple: share a way you have felt the Savior's love

You can make the colors mean what ever you'd like, those were just easy modifications that would help us learn the song.

 After one person modified the lyrics, we'd sing it through. Then the next person would draw. Simple! Of course you can modify it to work with any song, this is just what we were learning this week.

If you don't have markers, you could just have them draw slips of paper, colored buttons, anything really.