Monday, June 8, 2015

Conducting Lessons

Recently we visited a certain Wizarding World theme park based off a certain book that I spent a good portion of my childhood/young adult years obsessing over. Need proof? Here's my bedroom from when I was 13 years old. Why yes, that is HP toothpaste on the self-made lightening bolt shelf and towels tacked to the ceiling.
Anyway, while visiting that theme park, the husband and I went a little overboard on the merchandise. Although, considering the level of my devotion to HP, I feel like I actually held back quite a lot and practiced a lot of self control. They have so, so much cool stuff there. The food, the butterbeer, the ambiance, the rides! Every truly devoted Harry Potter fan is not complete without their own Marauder's Map or set of Hogwarts robes, right?

The point is, we ended up with only four of these beauties (we wanted closer to 50 of them. Someday.). Anyone else out there own a wand of some kind? (Awesome wand display built by my husband, btw. Why have wands if you aren't even going to display them? Or have them at the ready if needed, of course.)

If you do happen to have one of these, turns out they make a great tool for singing time!

I just bring a few of these along, and introduce them as a conductor's baton. I teach the kids about time signatures and how to conduct, show them how bigger conducting signals for the singers to sing louder, and smaller conducting tells your choir to sing softer, etc. We practice just using our hands and singing along with a song. Then I pick someone to come up and use the "baton" to conduct their choir. Sometimes I have them stand up in a group as a choir would. Need some help with time signatures and how to conduct? The church has a resource for that right here.

The kids think it's so cool to use the "baton" and the singers really respond to their enthusiastic conducting. You can mix it up by picking four kids to come up and make a quartet to conduct, then bring in the rest of the kids on the chorus. Super bonus, you are teaching the kids time signatures and enriching their musical education.

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  1. Is it the elder wand that I see on your shelf? You are so lucky. I wish I could have an opportunity like this, I might have gone a little over board with the spending.