Sunday, September 21, 2014

Activity Days Faith in God handout.

Hey all, it's good to be back! Apparently it would seem my YW presidency made a pregnancy pact, and we all ended up with child at the same time. Naturally a new presidency was in order, so we were sadly released. I really enjoyed learning and growing closer to Heavenly Father with the youth in my ward, and was grateful for the opportunity I had to use my skills to create materials to serve the Lord by sharing my testimony and help others do the same.

The good news is I was called to be the in charge of Activity Days, which means I already have plenty of materials in the making/made to share!

To get the girls all up to speed on what we are working toward, I created a little handout to remind them of the things they need to be actively doing in order to receive their Faith in God Award, as well as the Gospel Standards.

Here's the PDF.

The attached PDF includes a 8x10 with 4 to a page, perfectly positioned to print this on the back and front. Enjoy!


  1. This is true, if you have faith in GOD everything will be fine and good will happen to you for sure. You just have to stay positive

  2. I love these! Is there any way I can get each in a full size 8x10 so I can put it in their folder?

  3. These are so great, thank you so much for sharing these!

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