Thursday, July 4, 2013

July: Ordinances and Covenants

Here are the materials for July: Ordinances and Covenants from the LDS Young Women Come Follow Me curriculum.




  1. Yay!!! Thank you so much for sharing these!

  2. Hi Lili,

    The last two files don't open in a pdf. They connect to the login for Wordpress instead.

    THANK YOU for these beautiful posters and handouts. I've been using the posters to decorate our ward's bulletin board in the Youth section so the parents know what their youth are studying each month. I love the illustrations you have created for each month. They are simple (in that they aren't overwhelming or too much, if that makes sense) yet powerful. One glance at the image and you know what the topics are about.

  3. Thanks so very much for these wonderful handouts! They are clean lined and beautiful. Wish I knew how to do them myself! Thanks for sharing your talents to help the masses have such lovely resources to share with the YW. You're awesome!

  4. Hello! These are the links that are missing:

    Thank you so much for these awesome, beautifully designed graphics, Lili!

  5. These are amazing! I use them each month for our girls. Thank you so much for sharing. Any chance August will be up soon?? pretty please :)