Sunday, May 5, 2013

May: Prophets and Revelation

Hello friends!

Here's the materials for the Young Women Come Follow Me curriculum for the month of May: Prophets and Revelation

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Thanks again for your patience, and I promise June will be up with plenty of time to spare!  And thank you for all the supportive emails, they are all very kind and encouraging!


  1. Just got called into yw to teach the beehives and this is so helpful! Thank you for your time and talent you're sharing!!

  2. As always, thank you! Those of us who are not artistically gifted appreciate your hard work so much!

  3. You are amazing. Love the graphic design and simpleness of everything. Thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent!!

  4. Loving these!!! Here in Orangeville, Ontario I use these every month! Hoping you'll have June up sometime today! Thank you xo

  5. I have a beehive class of 15 girls and they adore your handouts! We put them in the journals, and they can complete a challenge and bring it back for a treat. Its motivating my girls to really make the gospel a part of their everyday life, and your designs make it possible for me to easily add it to our lesson. Thanks for your willingness to share and amazing talent! I come visit often!