Sunday, November 10, 2013

November and December

I know I have been slacking, and I do have a very good excuse! A little over a week ago, we welcomed this little guy into the world.

After weeks of staving off preterm labor, we were very glad to welcome our little Link safely into the world at 37 weeks. Obviously we are adjusting to our newest addition, which would account for my slacking off as of late.

Here's a little 50 second short film we made to document Lincoln's first moments of life.

So, unfortunately I don't have much time to finish out this year's materials, although I will post what I have as I am able to get to it! Thanks everyone for your wonderful support and encouragement through this year!

I also am sad to announce I have been released from calling in Young Women. 3 out of 4 of us leaders happened to get pregnant with due dates within just a few months of each other, which wasn't really going to work with our very ride-dependent group of young women. I loved serving the Lord in this area, and it was amazing to see these girls develop a closer relationship with their Savior through the Gospel.

Unfortunately that means I am also taking a hiatus from my handout-making, unless they are for a specific purpose. All the handouts here are still available free for personal/church/anything-not-commercial use all you want! Depending on what my new calling is, we'll see what handouts I will be making in the future! I'd love to play around with primary designs someday!

But for now, here are the posters for November and December, at least!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September: Commandments

September is finally available! I went on an extended vacation, and of course forgot to bring along my working files to update this month's designs. So sorry for the delay! I already have the last three months in the works, so those will be done quite on time :)

These are to go along with the New Youth Curriculum "Come Follow Me." These are designed for the month of September: Commandments.




Saturday, August 3, 2013

August: Marriage & Family

At long last the August materials are ready, and just in the nick of time, eh?  As always, these are to go along with the New Youth Curriculum "Come Follow Me." These are designed for the month of August: Marriage and Family.


And as a little bonus, here are a few other materials from the past that you may find helpful!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Father's Day Freebie!

My husband has always been root beer connoisseur. When ever we go somewhere that boasts their own recipe or brew, he will always put it to the test. Last father's day, I decided it was time to put HIM to the test with The Great Root Beer Taste Test! Because for some reason, I always associate root beer with dads.  Is that just me?  Or perhaps it is some subliminal association with the actual brand, Dad's.

I bought 6 different brands of root beer, put them in numbered dixie cups and then we rated them based on flavor, fizz, smell, and color, analyzing each one as we blindly tested them out.  We were very surprised by our results, preferring more generic brands over the century old, mountain-brewed flavors (EDIT: My husband says he remembers this completely differently, ha ha. I'll just say I speak for myself here). Although, being over here in the east coast we didn't have access to our time-tested favorite, Henry Weinhard's (I looked into buying some on amazon, but I wasn't prepared to pay $60+$25 shipping for a 6 pack when I know I could just stop by Winco and get it for $3. Sigh.) but I know if that had been a contender it definitely would have taken the cup!

Anyway, if you are looking for a fun activity for Father's Day that you and the kids will enjoy, try this out!  Here are the sheets we used for rating each root beer.  Be sure to properly label your root beers with the cups, so you don't lose track of the winner! We also printed and displayed the above poster to make it feel all official :) Enjoy!

 Happy almost Father's Day everyone!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May: Prophets and Revelation

Hello friends!

Here's the materials for the Young Women Come Follow Me curriculum for the month of May: Prophets and Revelation

PDF   | 4x6  | 

PDF   |  


Thanks again for your patience, and I promise June will be up with plenty of time to spare!  And thank you for all the supportive emails, they are all very kind and encouraging!