Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm Back! And here is Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 32: Personal Purity through Self-discipline

Hello all my friends and sorry for the very long hiatus I have been taking.  Many things have contributed to my lack of updates, but mostly it was because I was fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams of cruising around the Mediterranean (I was right to dream about it, it was amazing!) and of course the holidays are coming up, which means lots of Christmas present and cards to do! With all this business, I find it harder to find the time to research the handouts I want to create, which is unfortunate because I LOVE designing and sharing them.

So again, what is the best way you can ensure you will have a handout?  Send me your suggestions for your upcoming lessons!  You can find all the information about that HERE.

Speaking of suggestions, thanks to Megan for her suggestion for this handout to go with YW Manual 1 Lesson 32:  Personal Purity through Self-discipline.  It is a quote located at the end of the lesson.  I think it is a wonderful quote, and these girls can never hear this enough.  If we teach them anything while they are in Young Women, let it be to listen to the Spirit.

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  1. This manual on Personal Purity through Self-discipline sounds interesting.I am thinking to grab its copy for me.Is it easily available in market or online? Please let me know if it does, I am interested to purchase it.