Friday, August 31, 2012

Young Women Lesson 29: The Second Coming

Hello All-
Sorry for the serious delay again.  I was off on yet another trip, this time to Utah.

I was also experiencing some kind of crazy artist block on lesson 28, so unless someone submits their own idea that they want made, I'm just moving forward.

Here's Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 29: The second Coming handout.  It is the suggested scripture from the lesson.

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And remember, if I'm not keeping up fast enough for your lesson, I happily accepts ideas and suggestions!  See details HERE.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A tribute to my brother.

I just wanted to take a minute to give a shout out to my mentor and big brother, Drew.

When I talk to people about how I learned to draw, I tell them it has been 24 years of practice!  And luckily I had an awesome teacher all along the way. Growing up, I saw my brother Drew drawing in his black sketchbooks with his red pencil, and it was like magic to me.  I thought it was absolutely amazing that I could request my favorite Disney Princess or cartoon character, and watch them appear before my eyes.

Drew was such a nice big brother and would sit with me at our big chalk board, giving me step by step instructions on drawing people.  He would give me sketching tips on our paper programs in church.  He would draw figure outlines and let me fill in the details.  I'm sure there were times when I was super annoying (he is 8 years older than me) but he was always very supportive of my artistic enthusiasm. 

Through Drew, I was introduced to many key elements toward my artistic career.  He taught me to always carry a sketch book, to learn from my mistakes by using a pen, and later when working on his degree in Animation at BYU, came the fateful day when he introduced me to the program Photoshop.

I don't think I would have the passion for art I have today without Drew. Looking back on my life, it is full of days, sitting with my brother and sketching our favorite Harry Potter scenes while we read, giggling over some inside joke we drew, and bonding over one of our favorite past times. To this day, he is one of my best friends, and we still have a strong connection, especially through our love of art.

More recently, Drew married the love of his life, Julie.  I don't think I could have hand picked a better match for my brother.  Seriously, they are made for each other.  As an added bonus, Julie is also a very talented artist.  So, not only do they make a beautiful couple, but they also make beautiful artwork as well. 

And lucky us, they have an art blog of their own! If you want to see some awesome artwork, head over

Also, my brother is awesome because he look exactly like James Potter.  See?

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 27: Scripture Study

Here is my handout for Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 27: Scripture Study. It is the 5 scripture study steps summarized from the recommended article, “Pondering Isn’t Preposterous” by Susan Hill.This would look nice printed on a  nice heavy paper or laminated as a book mark.  Perhaps the girls can hang it next to their bed or on their mirror to help them remember to study.

PDF   |  B&W