Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Holy Handouts by YOU!

So I had a fun idea the other day-

While I do love making these handouts, the process of picking the handout content is completely my own decision, and perhaps sometimes it doesn't quite fit the direction of your lesson.  Furthermore, there are quite a lot of creative people out there with great ideas, but don't quite have the resources to see those ideas through.  Hence, I am sure there are quite a lot of you out there with wonderful ideas for handouts, yet you don't have the time/software/know-how to put it all together.

Essentially, I'd love to hear your suggestions for future handouts!  Yours just may get chosen and made into a genuine Holy Handout!  I do want to make it clear that this isn't any kind of contest or drawing, just fellow members of the church helping each other out with our lessons on Sunday, so no need to enter your name anywhere or tell 500 people in order to be considered or anything :)  Plus as an added bonus, this helps you prepare well ahead of time for your upcoming lessons, giving you more time to ponder and study the topic.

Just a few rules that I made for myself when creating handouts, as to keep it within the guidelines given to us from the Church:
1. I normally try to keep most of the handouts centered around Christ.

2. I normally try to use content directly from the lesson, or from the suggested materials listed on the side bar.  Scriptures or General Authority quotes on the topic are also great.

3. I'm not really into the thing where you cleverly work in a candy bar name or twinkie into the handout. That's just not quite my style.

4. I like to incorporate a fun graphic or illustration somehow (though I have been a bit slacking as of late on this.  Blame it on an influx of commission work and side projects).

 I'd love to hear your ideas!   If you have a suggestion, feel free to fill out the small questionnaire bellow and send it to lili.ribs@gmail.com.  I think this will be a fun adventure, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Currently, I will be taking suggestions for Young Women Manual 1 Lessons 15-20.

What lesson is this handout for:

Explain your idea here (please include links to the text source):

Suggested graphic or illustration:

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 14: Patriachal Leadership in the Home.

I created a little worksheet for the girls to fill in as you discuss these questions in lesson 14.  I think these are commonly asked questions, so having access to these answer will hopefully be a good resource in the future.

So here it is, the handout Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 14: Patriarchal Leadership in the Home.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 13: Sustaining Priesthood

Sorry for the little hiatus there, I was prancing aroung NYC with my 4 sisters and mother, and had a few other projects to do. I intend to catch up as quickly as possible.

Here's the priesthood officer handout from Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 13: Sustaining Priesthood Bearers.  

PDF and B&W PDF.