Friday, March 2, 2012

On a more personal note...

I don't often do personal posts on this blog, but I felt this occasion was appropriate. My little daughter is turning two tomorrow, and it is a goal of mine for all of her birthdays (as well as any future children I may have) to compile clips of their life in the past year, and turn them into a short film. It is amazing to see the changes children go through in such a short time. Plus, when she gets married someday it will make it much easier to make a wedding video/slide show!

So, happy birthday to my little Penny. I am grateful for this gift that God has blessed my life with.
and here's last year's film:

Happy Birthday Pen!

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  1. What a precious little daughter, indeed a gift. "Happy Birthday" Penny and thanks Mom for a great blog with so many wonderful helps!