Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Party Mocktails!

I'm lucky enough to live extremely close to my older sister (and by close, I mean we live in the same house.  I live in the basement apartment.  One of the best living arrangements ever... live-in, free babysitters, meal swaps, another closet of clothes...), and because of this, we like to come up with grandiose plans for fun things to do.

Here we are at last year's party.
We are hosting a Christmas party this year, and decided to make it an Ugly Sweater Mocktail party!  Because what better way to get into the season than by wearing tragic holiday fashions and drinking delicious, Mormon friendly drinks?  My sister went to Culinary school out here in DC, so she is a culinary master and party host extraordinaire.  So, we had to make lots of fun drinks and hors d'oeuvres!

Included in our drink selection are the basics; Sparkling Cider, Sherbet Punch, Festive Nog, and we even found a giant keg of rootbeer!  But the true star of the party is our "mocktails," which we made little instructions so people could mix their own drinks.

Here is our...

We had three options Pomegranate Mojitos, Grape-Appletinis, & Pina Coladas.

You can find the recipe for the Pomagranate Mojitos here.

Appletini recipe can be found here.

Pina Colada recipe is right here.

We also found awesome plastic wine and drink glasses at the dollar store in packages of 6.  It is a lot less stressful using plastic than worrying about lots of glasses perched dangerously on ledges.  Plus, they are the perfect size for our fun drinks!
Also, so we don't have a million unclaimed drinks floating around, we also designed some drink tags to tie onto the glasses, so people know exactly which drink is theirs. These are to be tied to the stem of the glass with some festive holiday ribbon.

So, these are for you to use as you please! Merry Christmas everyone!


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  1. Darling designs! thanks for sharing your recipe links!

  2. Christmas Party Mocktails! That sounds great. I am sure everyone had a wonderful time in this bash. Well our DIY Xmas bash was also blasting and we are now planning summer pool party in next month. Have just booked one of the best outdoor LA venues for our bash.