Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Time!

Surely we will all have an opportunity to share a Christmas lesson in some form this season.  One of my favorite things to do at Christmas that we picked up from my husband's family is to write a letter to the Savior on Christmas Eve about what we want to give to Him each year.  They seal the letters up in envelopes (and decorate, if so desired) and put them in a stocking for safe keeping until next year, when you reopen your letter to see if you have made progress with your relationship with Christ.

Like the quote attached by Neal A. Maxwell, the only gift we have to give to the Lord is our hearts, which can be done in so many ways.  Through striving to apply to Atonement in our lives constantly, by giving service to others only to give the glory to God, even simply recognizing the blessings we have been given and expressing our gratitude in prayer to Him are just a few ways we can submit our will to God.

So, I would suggest to have your young women/children/whomever write a letter to the Savior about things they want to give him this year.  Perhaps they need to work on something that has been keeping the Spirit away, or they need to work on recognizing their individual worth as one of God's children.  There are so many ways we can give back to Him!

This is a great way to bring the focus back to the Lord during this season!  Merry Christmas all!


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  1. You are so talented! I love this, will share with my primary class, thanks.

  2. The quote you placed at the bottom is one of my absolute favorites, and is truly what we need to remember during this season of gift giving.

  3. Just what I was looking for, thank you Lili!

  4. Just found this site, and I can't wait to browse around some more!! Love this Christmas handout!

  5. this is just lovely!! i think i will still do this! xoox thank you.