Friday, October 14, 2011

A recent indulgence...

Hey all-
As I love partaking in all things artistic and beautiful, I wanted to take a little time to tell you about my good friend Natalie's Cake Pops. Don't they look awesome?

In case you aren't aware what exactly cake pops are, just imagine cake and frosting rolled into a deliciously moist ball, covered in chocolate and decorated to look like tiny masterpieces.

I recently had the delicious pleasure of trying some out myself, and they were even more amazing than they look. It took everything in me not to eat them all myself as soon as they arrived. I had them shipped all the way to DC, and they arrived promptly and in perfect condition.
Not only does she do the cake pops, but also makes incredible cakes as well.  These cupcakes look like an illustration just popping off the page.

Did I mention she is very innovative as well?  Look at these cute missionary cake bites.

I found her cake pops so inspiring, I made my own illustrations of them, which I hope do them justice:
You should definitely check out her site, to see more of her creations.  They are perfect for every occasion (or no occasion in particular, I just was craving me some cake pops!) and can custom made to order, and shipped right to your door.  Seriously, she can do some pretty crazy things with these cake pops. Check them out!


  1. I can't find anywhere to email you. But I just wanted to say that your handouts are COMPLETELY AMAZING...and as a new YW president I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. Thanks April! I'm glad you have found my little handouts useful. It seemed like the best way that I am capable of to further the Lord's work. And what an awesome way to do my scripture study, too! Thanks for the heads up about the email, I will add it so people are able to contact me a little easier.